Meet the Directors

The Friends of Gracedale is an independent public charity dedicated to encouraging community-wide participation and philanthropy to insure the continued care at Gracedale.

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Letter to Community Business Partners

Dear Community Business Partner please read this letter to get all the info you need about our Friends of Gracedale efforts.

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How can you help?

Communities come together in unique ways. You can lend a hand by Donating a few dollars by clicking the link below or check our Blog routinely for upcoming fundraising events.

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Since 2017, the Friends of Gracedale Foundation has given more than $3,000 to the Gracedale Campus to be used for volunteer requests and helping with requests from patients, employees and residents. This coming year we hope to reach out to corporations and larger donors by announcing the 501C3 status and tax exemptions allowed by law. Thanks to all those involved in the Foundation and those that have contributed their time and donations to further the Friends of Gracedale Foundation mission.

Since 1993

Our Main Mission

The mission of Gracedale Foundation is to support the service and programs of Gracedale as approved by the Board of Directors, and to commit to enhancing the quality of life at Gracedale.

We will accomplish the mission by identifying and cultivating meaningful relationships with resident foundations and corporations, and resident families in order to meet their needs, the needs of those we serve, and those we wish to serve in the future.


Take The Next Steps...

We can always use a lending hand. Take the next step and help us by Donating to Friends of Gracedale. All the money raised will go toward helping our friends at Gracedale. Thank you.